Earthdawn: Age of Legend Excel Character Sheet

This April Vagrant Workshop released Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, based on the rules-lite system of Freeform/Universal. In order to try out this new variant, I created an Excel 2010 character sheet for my players.

As opposed to the original Earthdawn and its Step system, ED:AoL works mostly with narrative cues, which don’t really necessitate a conversion to an Excel spreadsheet. However, the basic rules of Freeform/Universal were heavily expanded, now including extensive lists of individual Talents and Spells. What the sheet does to make character creation and in-play-management easier is to preselect all available Talents and Spells based on your choice of Discipline and Circle. A short summary of their game effects is automatically presented on a separate sheet. Oh, and it also calculates your maximum Wound Slots and Karma - though that isn't really something that requires lots of math.

Enjoy! Any feedback is highly appreciated.

ED:AoL Excel Character Sheet (236 KB)

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